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We are a team which believes that Armenia's future is no less interesting than its past.
We think,
that if we use the people's accumulated potential wisely and attract thinking people from both Armenia and other countries who can take a fresh look at the current realities, we can restart the entire national system.
We explore
the world's latest trends in the development of science, culture and society in search of areas that can be applied in Armenia, which will allow the country to worthily declare itself to the world in the foreseeable future.
We believe,
that the implementation of our projects will ultimately enable Armenia to make a major breakthrough in its development and reaffirm its willingness to continue to fulfill its historically assigned role of collector-custodian-creator of knowledge and the birthplace of opportunities and ideas that can change the development vector of the world and make a civilizational leap.
We are ready
to do everything in our power to implement each specific project and to carry out this ambitious task as a whole.
Anastasia Isayeva
Pyotr Nemoy
Gayane Manukyan
Gregor Stepanyan
Zaven Grigoryan
Artashes Yeremyan
are the ones who directly come up with and collect ideas for various projects and supervise them.
One of 301
are those who support and create favorable conditions for the implementation of our ideas.
are those who are willing to come to live in Armenia from other countries and thereby help to recreate the necessary scientific and creative environment.
Zorah Wine
Ararat Brandy
Ayk Sargsyan
Koor Wine
IDeA Foundation
Mikael Voskanyan
Vigen Mnoyan
Gardman Tour
Arthur Amirkhanyan
Business Capital
Hakob Abrahamyan
Tigran Martirosyan
Arevik Sargsyan
Shushan Karapetyan
Hasmik Baghramyan
Lilya Avanesyan
Gagik Ginosyan
Arusyak Sahakyan
Artsruni Sahakyan
are those who work on specific projects, making our ideas tangible.
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