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Publishing Project
The Library
of Armenian Culture
The cultural heritage of the Armenian people is huge and multifaceted. Yet to this day there is no single resource that would give people the opportunity to get acquainted with it. This refers both to scientific and popular scientific sources. And the problem is both the lack of systematization of knowledge and the language. Some of the information is only in Armenian (or grabar), some is in Russian, English, or any other languages. The format also varies; there are in-depth academic publications, often not republished long ago and forgotten, and popular articles and brochures, which are difficult to find even in libraries, not to mention the Internet.
How can we make it so that everyone, whether a scientist or an interest-seeker, regardless of profession or age-can easily find the information they are looking for?
The answer is obvious for us - we need to create a library of Armenian culture. It should be available in three languages: Armenian, Russian and English.
The library will be structured in three-volumed books and each will be dedicated to one topic. However, these three-volumed books will differ in their stylistics, as they will be aimed at different target audiences.

This is exactly the objective of the Publishing Project.
The first book of the three-volumed edition (depending on the amount of information, there may in fact be more) will include all of the most valuable scientific works, published at any time and in any language, or not yet published at all. It is intended for scientists or people wishing to delve most deeply into the subject, and can be used both by undergraduate and graduate students, and by museum staff, for example, when forming expositions.
The second is a popular scientific, fascinating narrative for anyone who wants to have a general idea of the phenomenon under study. However, it will be equipped with links connecting it to the first volume in case the reader has a desire to read the primary source. It will be indispensable when working on the various programs for presenting Armenia to the world, for creating programs for guides, as well as for basic teaching in secondary schools and universities.
The third one is a bright, colorful publication with a text adapted for children, which will give a general idea of the topic, and among other similar ones, in its holistic perception will contribute to the formation of basic national codes and provide tools for its national identity. These books can become the basis for the formation of educational programs in schools and kindergartens.
Vishaps and khachkars
We've already outlined quite a few topics for the project that we'd like you to get acquainted with, but we'd be happy if you'd suggest new ones.
Sacred architecture
Patterns and ornaments
Armenian games
Musical archaeology, song culture and dance
Matenadaran and Vortan karmir
Paganism and mythology
The Art of War
Home rituals and crafts, winemaking, animal husbandry
Thinkers - Mkhitar Ghosh, Narekatsi and Komitas
Theater and Science
In parallel with the publishing project itself there will be created media resources, pages in social networks, as well as a channel on YouTube, containing materials on the designated topics.
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