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The work on the project has begun, the purpose of which is to create a unified platform capable of integrating the content of the scientific sphere into the experience, practice and tools of representatives of the educational environment.
The process of forming the Ecosystem Education involves:
The ecosystem includes separate user interfaces and elements, any of which allow participants to communicate with each other and be part of a common system with access to a unified electronic platform.
We are here
In this regard, one of the main objectives of the project - to develop a unified educational platform that can absorb all the components of a quality educational process, both in terms of pedagogical and methodological processes, the materials underlying the educational programs, and in terms of related components and products that provide the most effective formation of the process.
Nowadays, we have identified a large number of content-holders - researchers from various fields and directions who have been working for a long time on creating scientific works that allow us to develop new educational programs and methods based on a different approach. Unfortunately, there is currently no platform capable of bringing content holders and content recipients (educational structures, preschools, schools, universities, etc.) together.
System creation
Methodology development
We signed an agreement with the AYB Foundation to develop new contests, to work jointly on creating a system of coordinates of values among children and their self-distribution in it, and to form new practices and game-based educational technologies.
We reached an agreement with a number of partners on their participation in developing the methodology, creating an MVP (minimum viable product) platform and further implementation.
The platform includes specific interfaces for children, parents, principals and teachers of educational institutions and businesses that produce related supplies.
Digital passports
AI mechanisms
Ecosystem of Enlightenment
Digital educational platform
elements of
Public Schools
Private schools
Out-of-school institutions
Educational institutions
Travel companies
Content producers
Banks and financial institutions
HR Companies
Commercial organizations
Sport complexes and fitness clubs
Event agencies
News agencies
Polls, petitions
System for automatic calculation of accounting ratings with reference to additional financial support
Certifications based on continuing education programs within the platform.
Pupil Ability Assessment System
Online courses
Unified course for the school curriculum
Loans for education, financial assistance to parents
Volunteering Opportunities
Peer-to-peer education. Rooms for joint studies, circles
Rating systems
Crowdfunding platform
Social network Circles
Private teachers
Study programs and courses
Sectoral balancing of student skills based on market demand
Recommendations to parents based on the analysis of the interests of the child
Raising the efficiency of the system by collecting and analyzing Big Data
Career guidance
Selection of a field of activity
University selection
Member ID
Evaluation of the participant's productivity based on the criteria for digital assessment of education
Participant's profile, history of his achievements
The opportunity to participate in decisions on educational issues, regardless of the participant's citizenship
Tickets, Subscriptions, Coupons, etc
Unified procurement platform for educational institutions
Goods for students
Picks for events and private lessons
Booking system for services, seminars, trainings, etc.
The combination of elements of culture, art, and tradition and their integration into educational programs promotes a different type of thinking and development of child.
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