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301 number?
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As we know, 301 is the date when Christianity was adopted as the state religion in Armenia. That was the time when a new vector of development of the Armenian world was set. However, the name of the project is not only and not so much about this. Rather it is a symbolic digit which fixes the point from which a new era in the history of the people begins - the time of gathering stones. After all, 301 is also:
These are just some of the associations our conversation partners have had with this number. If you have your own versions - share them with us
The critical mass of a community, who eligible for doing effective changes is 10%. Guess how many people are 10% of Armenia population?
These are the three numbers that stand for: 3 - trinity; 0 - zero space in which we find ourselves and which we must fill with new meanings; 1 - the desire for the unity of the people regardless of their place of residence
Forefather Hayk and his three hundred warriors that founded the country.
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